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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Time to Party!

I know that it's still early in the season for many of you but sometimes things just must be done early. Take today's list item for example:

Day 76 - Are you having a Christmas party? Seasonal get-together? Ladies Holiday Tea? Whatever shindig you are planning, now is the time to pick a date (if you haven't already). Then make sure you give your friends and family, at the very least, a "heads up".  If at all possible send out a "save the date" email, or Facebook notification.  We all know how busy things get once we hit December and if you wait too long, everyone will have made other plans.  I know I want my little soiree to be a big splash.  Another thing you might consider is your Living Christmas tree. When will it be delivered? You'll want to show it off to all your party guests, right? I like to get mine early enough to decorate too, of course, and make sure it's in just the right place. That's one of the cool things about The Living Christmas Company. Not only will our elves and reindeer deliver your tree, but we will even try to set it where you want it! I am so happy now not to have to fit my Christmas tree into one of those stands with the water tray and all that. No matter how hard I tried, the tree was crooked, or the water spilled out, or I ended up with needles EVERYWHERE! Not fun. Believe it or not, I'm a bit allergic to pine, so the less I have to handle, the better. (By the way, as much as it might be easier to get a fake tree...I shudder...our trees are worth the ichies. Besides, I can usually get Lauren Peace to decorate, hee hee).

So, plan your festivities, rent your tree at http://livingchristmas.com/ and have a wonderful day!

Merry Merry

Care'n Presents

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