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Monday, October 21, 2013


What a busy weekend I had! Lauren Peace had a birthday, so of course we had to have a big party! She turned 21, which means she gets to have some of the "special" eggnog this year, ha ha.  Most of my list items fall into the same category, so today, I'll get right to it.

Day 67 Organize your address book. If you are like me, you're address book is filled with little scraps of paper that are just slipped in to remind me to change or ad someone's address. What's in the book tends to have been crossed out several times and now I hardly know which phone number, address, or e-mail is correct.  It may be time to get a new address book, or index file box, or maybe just transfer them into your computer, where future changes can be easily and cleanly accomplished. One way or another, it's time to clear out the old, input the new, or maybe just make it easier to read. You don't want to be struggling to read things while you are sending cards out later. It'll give you a headache.

Day 66 Organize your closet.  Whether or not you have kids, you may be needing a little extra storage space soon. If you are one of those people who goes Christmas shopping early, or even if you aren't, You need a central place to store the gifts. Get rid of those old sweaters you haven't worn in ages, or the empty shoeboxes from your last pair of shoes. Make some space. It's so frustrating when we get close to Christmas and I know I've gotten something for someone special, only to realize I have absolutely no idea where I put it. (Don't laugh, I know everyone's done it at some point.) Sometimes all you have to do is make sure everything is folded up and put in its proper place. Maybe you'll find those earrings you lost last month.

Day 65 Organize your desk.  If you have one, go through your desk. Throw away those old receipts from fast food places you now regret going to, and crumpled up phone messages. Put all those "BoxTops for Education" coupons into an envelope. File away bills that have been paid. Whatever you have to do to clean it all out. The holidays get crazy. The best way to avoid the clutter later, is to start with a fresh slate. Oh, but make sure you leave that little piece of paper that says: order tree from livingchristmas.com! We wouldn't want you to forget that one. :)

Day 64 Take a break. That's what I'm doing today. Actually I'm still recovering from Lauren Peace's birthday. Not because of well, too much eggnog or anything, but hey, throwing a party is a lot of work. My little elf body is tired!!

I'll be back tomorrow, with something new. At least that's the plan. Smile!

Merry Merry!!

Care'n Presents

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