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Monday, October 14, 2013

Save Up Your Pennies...

Day 71 - These days, every penny counts, and we all look to save where we can. If at all possible, this is the time I try to start stashing away a little Christmas money, so that when it's time to go shopping it's available.  Even if I am making cookies for everyone on my list, I still have to buy the ingredients. 

I'm not saying that you have to spend money to have a wonderful Christmas. Not at all. In fact, Scotty Claus likes to give his time and energy to worthy organizations (like the Junior League of Orange County). This year, I'd like to save my pennies, and maybe ask my friends to also, to give to a Veteran's group, or Children's charity. Hmmm...I think that's what tomorrow's list item will be...find a cause.  :) I'll let you know how that works out.

Merry Merry!!

Care'n Presents

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