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Friday, October 25, 2013

I Told You I Was Still Looking

Actually, this one was a matter of remembering. I found this organization a while back, so I had to look it up again, but it's really a great one.  Previously, I was telling you to find a good cause that you can donate some time to this Christmas. Well, this is one that I love.
It's called Soldier's Angels, and their mission states: "May No Soldier Go Unloved". There are different levels of giving. They have suggestions for items you can send that will go into stockings for the troops. They also have a program where you can adopt a soldier and send them packages and letters on a monthly basis. It's like with the Operation Christmas Cards program, they encourage the personal touch.


Day 60 (yes, that means only 2 more months!!)   Check out this website. Maybe it's something you'd want to do, maybe not, but see how you can spread a little love around either way.
Merry, Merry!
Care'n Presents

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