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Monday, November 26, 2012

Y? because it's Christmas time, silly!

Can you believe we have almost made it through the entire Living Christmas alphabet? Thanks to all of you who have been reading these posts. You have probably noticed that I've slowed down a bit, but what can I say? An elf has other priorities at this time of year! I am determined to finish this alphabet though so here goes. Just two letters left.

Y is for YOU!

...as in Be YOU tiful!

and YOU can make a difference, even it's in a small way. Of course I would LOVE for everyone to rent a Living Christmas tree, and so would Scotty Claus, but when it comes down to it, not everyone lives around here, and there are other various reasons why people can't rent a tree. We can all, however, make the world a better place to live in. We can do that by just picking up that trash on the ground (even if it's not ours) and by walking a little bit farther to the bin marked "Recyclables" instead of just tossing that soda can in the trash.  Scotty Claus does it with his Living Christmas trees, but he also makes the world better with his smiles and laughter and hugs.  We can do it by caring about people more than we do about getting that gift that is just going to collect dust on Aunt Josephine's dresser; or the tie that will be hung up in the closet and worn twice a year. We can do it by yeilding the right of way at the mall parking lot instead of zooming around like it's the Long Beach Grand Prix. Make the world a better place one baby step at a time or however big a way you can imagine. It's up to YOU.
YOU can. Really.
Hugs for Mr. Tree

Merry Christmas!

Care'n Presents

Friday, November 16, 2012

X is not for...

 X is for X-mas? Bite your tongue! No no no! Who says Meeeeeerrrrrrrryy X-mas? Seriously, it just doesn't work. Yes, one could argue that actually, the whole abbreviation started about a thousand years ago. The "X", sources says, is actually "Chi" the first letter of the name of Christ in Greek. Some people say that the X represents the cross, and a symbol of Jesus' sacrifice. Some people have no idea whatsoever, but figure that "X-mas" takes up less room when they are painting scenes on the glass outside of their businesses. Whatever reason one might have to use the term X-mas instead of Christmas, begs the question: how hard is it to say "Christmas"? Do you really want to hear children caroling ♪ "We wish you a Merry X-mas, we wish you a Merry X-mas..."♪ ?? Yeeeaah, no. Like I said before, it just doesn't work. X is not for X-mas.

So for lack of any other words that begin with X, I've decided that X should be for Xylophone, because (as Shel Silverstein says) "X is always for Xylophone!"*

Merry Christmas, and don't forget to play your xylophone when your Living Christmas tree comes to stay for the holidays! There's still time to order! X marks the spot at

Care'n Presents

Some informations from http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/magazine/4097755.stm
*Quote from "Uncle Shelby's ABZ Book" by Shel Silverstein
photo: aforangela.com

Monday, November 5, 2012

W is for...

I considered waiting on this one, because it may make more sense once we start delivering trees, but what the heck. It won't be long now anyway.

W is for...WATER YOUR TREE!!

I was at the Orange County Farmer's Market over the weekend, and a few people asked me. What happens if my rented Christmas tree dies while I have it?  Well, just like any living thing, the goal would be...not to kill it. On the upside, our trees are fairly easy to take care of. Mainly, you have put it somewhere away from heaters or fireplaces, water it (not too much of course) and occasionally say nice things to it and give it a (gentle) hug. Consider it part of the family, but one who requires a lot less maintenance than say...a teenager, or a two year old. For more details on how to care for your Living Christmas tree check out:  http://livingchristmas.com/info/tree/care.php Of course you'll need to order one first, haha.

Merry Christmas!!

Care'n Presents
photo: thegreenhead.com