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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Spending a Little Time

We all know how to spend money. Some of us more than others, lol. Sometimes it's better to spend time, than money, but most times it's harder to do. I know I've had similar items on my list so far, but this sort of thing is really important and so easy to let go of for most of us. So...

Day 63 - Spend some time with a loved one. No time? Find some, I'm sure there's a little around you somewhere. Even if all you do is sit together and watch TV, or go for a quick walk around the block, or go to a juice bar and stock up on healthy stuff (not something I would do of course. I consider candy corn a vegetable). The amount of time isn't necessarily important, but the quality is. I'm not saying you have to do something spectacular, but merely that you spend time letting that person know that they are important to you. It will lift their spirits and yours too.

Day 62 - Do something on your "to do" list. We all have that list of things, whether mentally or actually down on paper, that we keep saying we're going to do when we get around to it. So here you go:

It's even a Christmassy one. So think of one of those things you've been putting off, and take a little time to just do it. You'll feel better knowing it's taken care of.  Don't let it be that thing that pops up in the middle of the holidays that you "should've done" before then.  Before it gets crazy(er) - do it. Oh, and if it's on your list to order a Living Christmas Tree, you might want to do that soon too.  Just a thought.
Merry Merry,
Care'n Presents

photo: www.geocaching.com

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