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Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Well, ha ha, okay...this past week was even busier than I expected. but once again, I am prepared to catch up with my list of things to do before Christmas! I'll do half today and half tomorrow. No really, I will. Cross my pointy ears!

Day 94 -  Stores, believe it or not, are already putting out Christmas decorations. One of my favorite things to do at Christmas is to go window shopping! I love to look at all the decorations and ornaments and lights! It puts me in the mood. I don't have to buy anything,I just enjoy the view. Considering most people won't be putting up their own lights for another month and a half, this works for the time being.

Day 93 - Practice a little stress relief: Go to the "99 cent store" and get a coloring book and crayons. Then color away! It's the cheapest therapy you will ever experience, and there are no bad side affects!

Day 92 - Sing a song to yourself! It doesn't have to be a Christmas song (although, those are the best kind!) As Buddy the Elf would say: "The best way to spread Christmas cheer, is singing loud for all to hear." Even if you don't sing loud, it can still make you feel good.

Day 91 - Find some old Christmas cards and find ways to recycle them: you can make new cards with them, picture frames, coasters, decorations, or gift tags for your Christmas presents!

Day 90 - Do something nice for a stranger. Open the door, help them pick up something they dropped, or just smile at them. Sometimes a smile from a stranger is just the thing that will lift someone's spirits.

The rest, with any luck, I will type up after my work is done, tomorrow.  I will be moving some ornaments and gift wrap and other fun stuff to The Workshop so they will be ready whenever someone orders them. AND...in case you are wondering you can order really super cool stuff from our website:


Merry Merry!

Care'n Presents

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