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Friday, August 24, 2012

K is for...

"Kissin' by the mistletoe..."

You just gotta' love Aretha Franklin. I hadn't actually heard this song before, but I was searching for a Christmas song that started with K and there it was. 

So I started thinking about mistletoe, and why we like to kiss under it. I mean, I know why some of us like to kiss, well, in general, but how did the tradition start? I thought if I looked it up it would be a nice neat little story, but alas, no. The stories behind this plant go way back to Norse legend, ancient Greek times and Celtic Druids! At some point through all of that, people decided that this parasitic poisonous plant should be a symbol of peace, love and friendship during the Holidays. Go figure. Well, whatever the reason, I'll be waiting as always for a special kiss.

And while we're talking about peace, love and friendship, I thought of something else that starts with K:
Keep Christmas in your heart. Don't get caught up in the craziness. Keep the love, and try and find the peace. Pray that it will last all year long. Just my two cents there. :)

Merry Christmas!! 

Care'n Presents

Photo: statesymbolsusa.org (Did you know Mistletoe is the State Floral Emblem for Oklahoma?)

Want to know more about mistletoe? 

Listen to Aretha!

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