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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

J is for...

"Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle bell rock..."

Ever notice how some Christmas songs make you want to get up and dance?  Granted, some of them are more likely to lull you to sleep, and some are merely cheerful, but there are some... They get your toes tappin' and your shoulders boppin'. If you never learned how to swing dance, somehow you find a way to fake it. I love those songs! Christmas can be a difficult time for people and even we elves can get stressed out. There's so much to do that it can become overwhelming. So here's what I think: In the middle of it all, take a deep breath, put on some music, and do the dance. Be goofy for a while! Embarrass your kids! Surprise your parents! Amuse your friends (and probably innocent by-standers). Believe me, I'm an elf; I know what I'm talking about. Everyone needs a break sometimes.

J is also for "Jolly Disposition".

This is a quality that Scotty Claus looks for, whenever he hires each elf, and he is the jolliest of them all.  With a twinkle in his eyes, and a smile on his face, he tosses that five foot long hat of his over his shoulder and hugs his trees. (We all think he's a bit off-kilter too, but really, what's the difference?)

So when you start to feel the pressure this holiday season, think "Jolly", set aside whatever you're doing and for a few minutes, hug a tree, smile at someone, wear a silly hat, or just dance up and down the department store aisles like a lunatic.  I'm not a psychiatrist; I haven't even played on on TV, but I am an elf, so take my advice: all those "have to's" can wait. Take time to remember that Christmas is supposed to be fun, and magical and a bit off-kilter. 

Merry Christmas!!

Care'n Presents

Photo: film.com 
- from one of my favorite Christmas movies: "Fred Claus"

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